About Institute Equipment Sertification Laser Equipment Treatment Science Projects


I. Urology:

  • Transurethral laser treatment of a hyperplasia of prostatic ferri lactas (adenoma);

  • Deleting strictures of a urethra and so on.

      The operations without blood, are carried out by floppy fiber, is used both at a contact resection, and at a remote evaporation endoscopically. Laser surgery is effective for practically 100% of the patients.

      Nd-YAG laser LASKA with a wavelength working in the water environment with a selfcleaning fiber is very good for this purpose.

II. Neurosurgery:

  • Deleting with usage of a laser scalpel of good-quality and malignant tumors, and also, pathological derivations head and spinal cord;

  • Treatment of an osteochondrosis on everything, including most serious, stages of diseases.

      At treatment of osteochondrosis our experts have developed own techniques based on usage of the semiconductor laser of the last generations, which works on a wavelength 965 nm with power 0-10 W in the continuous mode with fibers a diameter from 250 up to 600 microns. Usage of laser radiation allows to carry out puncture operation, when fiber is brought immediately to "sounding" disk through an aspirating needle. In this case it is possible to evaporate pulp core of the disk, and also to destroy (to reduce in sizes) a hernia. The effect at such operations occurs practically instantly already on an operating table, and the next day the patient leaves home. The manipulation does not require the large efforts, while the results considerably exceed on efficiency the open operation.

III. Broncho-surgery

      The laser surgery allows also very effectively and without blood to get rid of stenoses of bronchuses, trachea, to treat papilomatouses of brounchuses and set of other diseases.

IV. Throat, nose-diseases:

  • The laser scalpel fast and considerably cures from snore, rhinitis;

  • Allows to carry out of a tonsillotomy, tonsilectory, polipectomy. without blood. And effectively to treat other diseases of a throat, nose and ear.

V. Proctology:

  • Deleting of acuminate condylomas;
  • Hemorrhoidectomy and so on.

      Advantage of laser operations that they are without blood, are carried out by a floppy fiber. The size of traumas is much less, then at a usual method. The postoperative period proceeds smoothly, without the special complications. The method of laser treatment is painless and allows in early stages of disease to be limited to out-patient interference.

VI. Gynecology

      We have received perfect results at usage of a laser scalpel in gynecological practice. One procedure is enough, considerably to save woman from:

  • Anabroses neck of the uterus;
  • Leukoplakias neck of the uterus;
  • Atipical mucous neck of theuterus;
  • Endocervicoses of the neck of theuterus;
  • Acuminate condylomas of the vulva;
  • Polyps of the cervical channel;
  • Dysplasias.

VII. Dermatology

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